ACRO News, Term 2 2017

Dear All,

Both the Senior and Junior ACRO squads have been very busy during term 1 and term 2 of 2017

Senior ACRO Squad

The Senior ACRO squad has been focusing on the Australian Championships. To be able to enter the Australian Championships, you first have to be a part of the State Team. This is achieved on a score basis at either Trial 1 or Trial 2.

The great news is all our groups who were aiming for State Team and thus Australian Championships have made it. Congratulations!

Level 6 Women’s trio Oliva Bell, Heather Divens, Tianna Aloi
Level 7 Women’s Trio Siubhan McBain, Georgia DiPaola, Helena Ong
Charlotte Lam, Chloe Taubert, Natalie Holt
Level 7 Mixed Pair Amelie Pote, Connor Dwyer
Level 8 Mixed Pair Molly Harvey-Yin, Blake Treble
Coaches Jodi Harris
Rachel Millar
Judge Wendy Treble

The rest of the squad is working towards Victorian Championships and national Clubs, both in Term three

Junior ACRO Squad

We have had a change in coaches due to university commitments. We thank Jess Bunyard for her efforts over the last 12 months and welcome Jess Stewart. Jess has an acro background, training and competing with NGSC for a number of years.

Acrobats have now been formed into their pairs or groups and now working on skills and routines ready for competition during term 2 and 3.

Bruce Treble
ACRO Coordinator

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