Australian Gymnastics Championships Results!

The Australian Championships for ACRO were held at Hisense Arena from June 2nd to 4th, 2017.

Many of our acrobats have never competed at such a large competition before, so it was an immense learning curve.  Warm up is not too bad as you are in a small area behind a black curtain.  But when you go out to compete you are in a stadium with four trampolines, a double mini tramp, a rhythmic floor and an acro floor – all competing!

Congratulations must go to all the athletes – everyone had their own personal wins on the day.

Thanks must also go to Jodi Harris (State Team Head Coach) and Rachel Millar (State Team Coach) who did a brilliant job supporting our guys over the days of competition.  And thanks must also go to Wendy Treble who was a judge curing every session of the competition.

Level 6 Women’s Trio

Heather Divens, Tianna Aloi, Olivia Bell
Balance 23.000
Dynamic 20.460
Overall 43.460 – 10th Place

Level 7 Mixed Pair

Connor Dwyer, Amelie Pote
Balance 21.750
Dynamic 24.050 – BRONZE Medal
Overall 45.800 – BRONZE Medal

Level 7 Women’s Trio

Natalie Holt, Chloe Taubert, Charlotte Lam
Balance 23.360
Dynamic 23.270
Overall 46.630 – 7th Place

Level 7 Women’s Trio

Siubhan McBain, Georgia DiPaola, Helena Ong
Balance 23.960
Dynamic 24.020
Overall 47.980 – 6th

Level 8 Mixed Pair

Blake Treble, Molly Harvey-Yin
Balance 23.120
Dynamic 23.290
Combined 24.660
Overall 71.070 – GOLD Medal

Report Presented by – Bruce Treble – ACRO Coordinator/Head Coach

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