Wishing Our Community A Very Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year

A message from our President – Bruce Treble: 

And so another year in our personal and gymnastic lives rapidly draws to a close. And for the club it has been an amazing year.

We have implemented a new internal program for assessment of classes to ensure all gymnasts have a competence in a level across multiple skills before moving progressing, to ensure a seamless transition through the system.

Many of our squads have successfully competed for the first time both internally and externally, being a credit to our coaches and programs. Our Junior coaches have upskilled and our trainee coaches have qualified to run classes by themselves. We have said good bye to a number of long term club members and we wish them well with the next chapter of their lives.

Many of our gymnasts have had Club, State and National success at competitions – now too numerous to mention in a short newsletter, but we are planning on getting all results on a more regular basis onto the website. Speaking of which, the website is now fully revamped and will be the hub for all things NGSC – notices, news, classes, policies. Please take the time to check it out before Term 1 2018.

As president I must thank the previous committee and president for all their work, while also thanking the incoming committee for volunteering to assist with the ongoing management of our club. I must also thank you the community for the many volunteers we have, but also for choosing us for all your gymnastic needs – we do appreciate it – now 400 members strong.

In 2018 we start the year with planning days for the administration team, committee and coaches, all before the first class of the year. We will be planning competitions, events and programs for the year so everyone has a clear understanding of our direction. We will have more qualified coaches meaning more classes from day 1.

Some of our senior gymnasts are moving up in the level system, with some our WAG girls aiming for level 7, while we have acrobats aiming for level 8 and 10, where 10 is the highest attainment in the Australian levels Program – we wish them well.

From our community to your family, we wish you a safe Festive Season filled with joy – looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018.

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