Gymnastics Victoria Awards Night – NG&SC Team are winners…………..

Annual Gymsport Awards – 2017

Over 300 people were nominated for Gymnastics Victoria awards across Club, Coach, Inclusion and Gymsport categories.

NG & SC were privileged to have a number of nominees and also a winner.

2017 VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR – Bruce Treble  Nunawading Gymnastics & Sports Club  

Bruce is unreal, he is always super early to each event and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. They just wouldn’t run the same without him and we really appreciate everything he does for the sport.

Hands down the hardest working man at any acro competition.

Bruce isn’t only well respected in Victoria, but across Australia.

He is always open to answering questions and helping athletes, coaches and parents regardless of their state or club.

Continual involvement in the sport and running of competitions

2017 VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR – Jodi Harris  Nunawading Gymnastics & Sports Club  

Dedication to the sport she loves now as a coach, judge and TC member. Also want to recognise her efforts in taking up and running well as the Head Coach for the Victorian State team.

Inclusive of all coaches, acrobats, parents and judges. Well presented and organised.

These tireless efforts are recognised by your peers.

 2017 OFFICIAL OF THE YEAR –  Wendy Treble Nunawading Gymnastics & Sports Club  

Working to improve the ACRO experience for all clubs and involve new ones for more years that l am sure she wants to count. Free with knowledge gained from courses and assisting with tariff sheets from clubs to help make the comp experience for coach and athlete not so problematic. Free with time for hours of feedback and assistance for routines both state and nationally. Going to the clubs to give feedback, we understand that it’s not something that you have to do, so we really appreciate it.

Co-Presentation Club Recognition: NGSC Trial 2 State Team selection Trial

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