The Gymnastics Australia National Clubs Carnival – ACRO News

The Gymnastics Australia National Clubs Carnival was held in Bendigo from September 16th to 19th, 2017. For many in the Senior ACRO Squad it was their first major competition, while for others it was very much a year of change.

As coaches of this squad we felt the achievements around the floor were more significant than those on the floor.

This time last year:
Marisa was a top, Tess was doing rec gym & our warm up on the side of the floor
Olivia, Tianna and Heather were level 5 & have since done 6 at Nationals and now 7 at National Clubs
Oriel was a top of a pair
Hannah & Scarlett were in development squad
Hayley was doing WAG

Ash, Beth, Hayley
· highest scores they had achieved all year
· scores of mid to high 8’s execution in both routines

Oriel, Hannah, Scarlett
· in 4 weeks stepped up from 3A to level 4
· all new balance skills, 3 new dynamic & changes to choreography in this time

Tess, Marisa, Nat
· Marisa competed round off flip for the first time
· overcame skill challenges in lead up to compete 2 full routines
· highest artistry scores all year

Heather, Olivia, Tianna
· stepped up from level 6 to level 7 since Nationals
· almost all new skills, new routine in this time
· fought through illness to compete 2 full routines, with mid 7’s for artistry & high 7’s, low 8’s for execution.

Connor, Amelie
· stepped up from level 7 to level 8 since Vic’s
· new combo routine that they’d had for 4 weeks & this was only just off being their highest artistry routine

· Stepped up to Intermediate Judge Level and then judged all L4 competition- which had the most competitors to rank.

Level 4 Women’s Trio
Hayley Edis, Ashling Roben, Bethany Hearn
Balance 24.600 Dynamic 23.650 Overall 48.250 – 14th

Level 4 Trio
Oriel Millard, Scarlett Ryan, Hannah Ryan
Balance 20.000 Dynamic 23.150 Overall 43.150 – =19th

Level 6 Women’s Trio
Tess Lalor, Natalie Vienet, Marisa Hagihara
Balance 22.199 Dynamic 21.472 Overall 43.671 – 14th

Level 7 Women’s Trio
Heather Divens, Tianna Aloi, Olivia Bell
Balance 22.790 Dynamic 23.860 Overall 46.650 – 8th

Level 8 Mixed Pair
Connor Dwyer, Amelie Pote
Balance 25.120 Dynamic 20.970 Combined 23.830
Overall 69.920 – 1st – GOLD MEDAL

We also must mention Wendy, Jodi and Blake who judged during the competition, with Blake Judging at this level for the first time.

Thanks must also go to Rach and Bruce for coaching during the competition.

And we must never forget the efforts from family and friends to enable everyone to compete.

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