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Nunawading Gymnastics and Sports Club
Life Member 2018
Wendy Treble

Dear Fellow Nunawading Gymnastics and Sports Club Committee Members,

RE: Life Membership Nomination for Wendy Treble

I would like to nominate Wendy Treble for consideration for life membership of the club.

Wendy started with NG&SC back in 2001 and has been heavily involved in the ongoing development of not only the ACRO team but also the other gym sports within the club.

Since coming to Nunawading, Wendy has held the position of co-ordinator of Acrobatics. She is responsible for the running of the ACRO program, the development of the gymnasts and also mentoring other coaches.

Wendy has helped organise many of the internal competitions held at NG&SC and also all of the ACRO competitions that have been held at the club. She has also played a vital role in organising all of the ACRO clinics that have been held at Nunawading.

Wendy is also a highly qualified judge and judges at competitions for the club both internally and externally. She has judged ACRO at every Victorian championship, Australian Championship and National Clubs competition since she started at the club. She has also judged at a number of ACRO Australian Team Selection competitions.

Recently, Wendy organised and ran talent identification days for our up and coming gymnasts. These sessions were not only invaluable for the gymnasts but also the coaches that were able to attend.

Wendy has been on the Gymnastics Victoria Acrobatic Gymnastics State Committee since 2002. For the last 6 years she has been the technical director for the sport in Victoria and at many stages has been both the technical director and the judging co-ordinator for Victoria.

In the past Wendy has also worked on:

  • Women in sport committee
  • Australian levels program sub committee
  • Coaching course working group
  • Judging course working group
  • Wendy is currently in Fiji on behalf of Gymnastics Australia

Wendy consistently displays her dedication to the club. This includes working more hours than required to ensure that the programs/events run smoothly; spending time mentoring and developing not only the ACRO coaches, but all of the coaches within the club; and developing and running education workshops for the club. Wendy’s passion for the development of the gymnasts is evident to anyone who watches her coach.

This is why I believe that Wendy would be an ideal candidate for Life Membership of the Nunawading Gymnastics and Sports Club.

Yours Sincerely,

Natalie Hind
General Member
Nunawading Gymnastics and Sports Club


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