NGSC Online Zoom Classes

During our closure, we at Nunawading Gymnastics and Sports Club are proud to introduce – NGSC Online Zoom Classes

NGSC Online Zoom Classes will either be pre-recorded or live classes for selected gym programs. These classes will be free of charge to all of our current members. These classes are designed to be completed at your home. NGSC Online Zoom Classes will provide online gymnastics/movement to help our gymnasts continue to grow while we are all stuck at home. The other important part of the online live classes is for gymnasts to interact with their team mates and coaches. The The activities within our programs have been selected and designed so that they can be safely carried out in even the smallest of lounge rooms, using equipment which is found in every home.

From fundamental body shapes, motor skills and basic movements for our Tumble Tots and Gymskills Programs, through to strength, flexibility, body tension and skill development for our competitive squads, NGSC Online Zoom Classes will be a 40min session with 30 mins of programming and 5 mins at the start and end of each class to allow for questions, corrections etc.

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NGSC Online Zoom Classes for Families must read for any Families who will have gymnasts participating in our online classes
NGSC Online Zoom Classes for Coaches must read for any Coaches who will be hosting an online class

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Tumble Tots

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3 – 5

Level 1
Level 2 and 3
Level 4 and 5
Level 8

Level 1 and 2 Black
Level 1 and 2 Yellow
Level 3
Level 4 Yellow
Level 4 Black

Level 1 and 2
Level 3-5

Level 1 and 2
Level 3
Level 4 +

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