Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a combination of gymnastics, dance and ballet and works with several apparatus to produce graceful and coordinated routines. Rhythmic Gymnasts compete on a floor area of 13m², to musical accompaniment.  Harmony between the gymnast, the apparatus and the music, plus required skills, is necessary to achieve a balanced composition. The apparatus must be used in both hands, thrown into the air and be kept in constant motion. The skills involved in Rhythmic include leaps, balances, turns and simple acrobatic movements.

Rhythmic Gymnasts use 5 apparatus and a 6th in the smaller levels to gain body awareness and perform routines without the coordination of using an apparatus. Levels 1-3 perform freehand routines and levels 1-6 perform freehand skills which involve the gymnast using no apparatus to focus on their bodies and movement to the music before introducing them to handling apparatus. The apparatus used in rhythmic includes Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon.

Rhythmic gymnasts can perform individually or in pairs, trios or groups of 4-6 gymnasts which involve working with other gymnasts to throw, roll and toss apparatus to each other whilst working to music.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball

The girls compete in leotards which differ slightly from other gymsports, with a skirt added on to create a graceful, dress-like outfit.

At Nunawading, we offer Rhythmic Gymnastics competitive classes; a junior class for levels 1-2, which train for 1.5 hours per week and levels 3 and above, who train for 2+ hours weekly (plus a 1-hour ballet class weekly). The girls compete in approx. 4-7 competitions per year as individuals and/or in groups.

Lani has been our head Rhythmic Coach at Nunawading for just over 4 years now with 11 years of experience as a Rhythmic Gymnast herself. Lani has competed at State and National levels, producing several State Championship medals, being selected for the Rhythmic State Team in 2012 and placing at Nationals in 2010 and 2014. Lani became a fully accredited Rhythmic Coach in 2013 before retiring in 2014 from competing to focus on coaching her girls.

Rhythmic Gymnastics with young children