NGSC Uniforms

For Uniform pieces that are not made to measure, please use the sizing charts provided below.

Polo Shirt
Polo Shirt
Tracksuit Jacket
Tracksuit Jacket
Tracksuit Pants
Tracksuit Pants


General washing instructions for all fabrics

  • Hand wash inside out in COLD TAP WATER
  • REMOVE ALL excess water (wrap in towel)
  • DO NOT wring out leotard, it may damage the fabric
  • DO NOT leave leotard soaking in water, colours may run
  • DO NOT leave leotard rolled or folded whilst damp, colours may run
  • DO NOT use strong detergents or fabric softeners, it may damage the fabric
  • DO Not leave to dry in direct sunlight, tumble dry or iron, it may damage the fabric

Facts about glitter, holograph and metallic fabrics

  • Glitter patterns, metallic and holograph fabric may get dull with wear and repeated washings
  • Area’s that incur friction may show some loss of shine or foil
  • Areas in contact with perspiration and sweating may also show some loss of shine


We bought a uniform last year, do we have to buy one this year?
No you don’t unless
A: You have switched Gymsports, you will have to buy a new uniform for your athlete
B: Your athletes Uniform is no longer presentable eg, too tight, rips, loose dimonte’s etc

“Made to Measure” Uniforms who does it?
We use Gymwiz, they have been looking after our uniforms for years.

When does our athlete get measured for their “Made to Measure Uniform”?
Gymwiz will come to your athletes class and they will get measured then.
We will give hopefully 2 weeks notice prior to this date

What happens if my athlete is away the day their Squad gets measured up?
You would need to email once you know your athlete will miss that day. We will need to arrange a separate time to get measured and you may have to go and meet the supplier.

How long does it take for our Uniforms to get made?
It will take approximately 6 weeks to complete your order

Should I allow growing room in my athletes uniform?
Yes. Allow enough growing room for your athlete as you think. There will be no refunds for Uniforms that do not fit at the time of collection

How do we pay for our athletes uniform?
Families will be invoiced through the Parent Portal. Total amounts will be emailed to Families prior to being charged

Will my Leotard come with Scrunchie?
Yes. All Leotards come with matching Scrunchies

Do you have a second hand shop for uniforms?
No, not at this stage. But for past athletes or athletes who have grown, we would be more than happy to let families know who are looking and you can deal direct with each other
Depending on how much interest we have, we could introduce a buy/ swap/ sell section on your Bulletin Board.
If you have anything buy/ swap/ sell please email so we can promote on our Bulletin Board

Please email if you have any other questions